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Leigh Ledare: Double Bind (2010)

For Double Bind, Ledare traveled alone to a remote cabin in Upstate New York with his recently remarried ex-wife, Meghan Ledare-Fedderly, photographing her over the course of three nights.
Two months after this initial trip (upon Ledare’s initiative and funded by the artist), his ex-wife returned to the same location with her current husband. During this second trip, her current husband, the photographer Adam Fedderly, documented her in the same settings for three days, having agreed in advance that he would give his unprocessed film to Ledare.

Leigh Ledare
Double Bind (Meghan Ledare-Fedderly Photographed by Leigh Ledare), 2010
gelatin silver print
15,2 × 10,2 cm (6 × 4 inches)

Leigh Ledare
Double Bind (Meghan Ledare-Fedderly Photographed by Adam Fedderly), 2010
gelatin silver print
10,2 × 15,2 cm (4 × 6 inches)

This resulted in two archives of photographs – roughly 1,000 images, printed by Ledare and presented in their entirety within the exhibition Double Bind in 2010. These photographs of Meghan Ledare-Fedderly (taken from the position of the newlywed and that of the formerly married couple) in dialog compose the structural core of the project.

Ledare assembled the two sets of private photographs against a collection of roughly 6000 pieces of ephemera culled from the pages of various cultural, editorial, pornographic, fashion, and advertising print media.
The photographs, combined with materials from a third archive of found ephemera, form a series of diptychs, attributed alternately to Ledare and Fedderly. The printed materials serve as models of broader social interaction, both reifying and interpreting the individual’s experience.

Leigh Ledare
Double Bind, Dyptichs, 2010
gelatin silver prints, assorted printed materials
55,8 × 43,2 cm (22 × 17 inches) each panel

Installation view Leigh Ledare: Double Bind at The Box, Los Angeles, 2012