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DANIEL SINSEL British Art Show 8

9 October 2016 15 January 2017
Group exhibition at Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton, UK

installation view Daniel Sinsel, British Art Show 8 2015-17
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, UK, 2017

Photo by John McKenzie

Daniel Sinsel
Untitled, 2015

Photo by Roberto Apa

Sinsel’s paintings in British Art Show 8 draw on the German fairytale Hansel and Gretel. Culinary pleasure and digestion (not least the appeal of gingerbread, or a witch’s preference for roast boy) is reflected in his use of appropriated material, including fossilised animal faeces. Sinsel comments, ‘I feel like I’m making an object rather than a painting, almost as if I am tricking you with a piece of gingerbread in place of an image.’

For British Art Show 8 in Southampton Daniel Sinsel’s work is exhibited at Southampton City Art Gallery.